Airplane Meal

When I was a child the most exciting thing was to travel by air, and the next exciting thing was to try different airplane meals. Although the in-flight food couldn’t compare with the meal in restaurant, some of air meals still impressed me. And as a food lover, I even have my personal favorite airplane meals list. The bibimbap(rice bowl topped with vegetables, beef and chili sause) served on Korean Air and the Hokkaido caramel pudding served on ANA (All Nippon Airways) are the top 2 meals in my list.

I ‘m not the only one who enjoys trying different air meals. Passengers around world shot these airplane meals photos and have pulled together their picks for some of the most delicious meals.

Photography by George Ruiz, Flickr

Onboard a British Airways flight between Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and London’s Heathrow Airport (LHR), passengers have an assortment of lunch options.(

Photography by Aaron C, Flickr

A well-balanced meal onboard a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight between Toronto and Amsterdam. (

Photography by Like the Grand Canyon, Flickr

A hearty snack onboard Turkish Airlines. (

Photography by Kasuga sho, Flickr

A nice display of ANA’s (All Nippon Airways) London business-class Japanese meal. (

Photography by Ernesto Andrade, Flickr

Onboard a United Airways flight, lunch between San Francisco (SFO) and Hong Kong (HKG) is a delicious surf-and-turf meal consisting of sauteed prawns and crispy Dakota beef, organic short rib wontons with organic Thai barbecue sauce and sweet-and-sour cucumber relish. (

However not all the in-flight meals are perfect, here are 5 worst airplane meals which selected by, a great website where welcome passengers to post pictures of their meals on the flight.

Image credit:

This cheeseburger served on a Ryanair flight from Dublin to Stockholm, set the passenger back 5 Euro, or about $6.50. These are some of the worst in-flight meals according to passengers on ( )

Image credit:

A sad-looking cheese sandwich served on a United Airlines flight from New York to Australia. ( )

Image credit:

On a flight from Dusseldorf to Milan, this Alitalia flier was served this. “It’s supposed to be aubergine, I guess. Coffee came right out of the engine, undrinkable.” ( )

Image credit:

“This was a pretty sad breakfast,” commented an Aegean Airlines passenger about the box containing a cup of tea or coffee, a granola bar and doughnut. ( )

Image credit:

“Starter: cold rice with a few peas, sweet corn, and olive skin. Main course: I believe it was cold Baltic herring (those three pieces of gray, slimy things on the left), potato salad (recycled, I think), lettuce, piece of tomato (for color), bread roll. Dessert: able to break this stodgy, doughy thing into pieces, but no flavor at all, so not sure what it was supposed to be.” From Estonian Air. ( )


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