Make your own Teriyaki Chicken bowl by rice cooker

LOVE dishes you can make in ONE pot? It’s super QUICK & EASY!

Try a fabulous rice dish that you can make by throwing chicken, Veggies, and rice.

Let’s make our own Teriyaki Chicken bowl which offers a taste of true Japan!


That’s all the materials you need:

2 Cups Jasmine Rice

2 Cups Water

4 Slices of Chicken

2 Cups Veggie ( such as Broccoli, Carrot, and Cabbage)

4 Small Spoons Japanese Teriyaki Sauce

-Add Jasmine Rice and Water into the inner cooking pot.

-Then, put slices of chicken and veggies in a steam tray, and place it to rice cooker.

-Close its lid, push “COOK” button.

-The rice cooker will automatically switch to “WARM” after your meal is ready.

-Finally, mix them with Japanese Teriyaki Sauce

-Enjoy your meal!

(Photography by Samurai Sam’ )

Only30 minuters, you can make your own bowl.

A balanced diet with meet and veggies provide nutrition for your body.

Is that COOL?


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