Prison food

What’s food that people are curious but nobody want to try? The answer is prison food! Since we all curious about what people eat in jail, let’s see these jail food pictures which post on

This is Lunch on Christmas Day.(

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Spaghetti, white bread, carrots, a brownie.(

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A cookie, milk, juice, mashed potatoes and gravy, veggies.(

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Milk, punch, desert, corn, carrots, meat of some sort.(

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Cereal, milk, corn bread, bread, orange juice.(

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This is a fine mail in jail or out. Beans, burrito, chips, corn and more.(

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Rice, beans, egg, cucumber.(

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Two cookies, bologna, bread, cheese, mayo, cole slaw, and a mystery item under the cheese slices.(

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Cookies, cake, veggies, and some brown and white stuff.(

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No one want to try these meals in prison. however if you want to try it at home, here we have a copy of  Prisons food menu for you! Have fun with you meals! 

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