Soy Sauce Rice Cooker Chicken Wings

(Image Credits: blog chef)

When I moved away from my hometown Shanghai, I made soy sauce chicken wings often, because it’s easy and I can adjust the spices to my taste. For the another reason, chicken wings are quite cheap but lower calories than beef and pork. Please forget about KFC and Popeyes, they are junk food which could cause obesity. So let’s make a simple and healthy chicken wings dish today.

Ingredients you need:

8 Chicken Wings

2 or 3 pieces garlic

2 or 3 pieces ginger

Green Onion

Soy Sauce1/2 cup vinegar

1/2 cooking wine

Sugar and Honey

Cooking Steps:

Wash these Chicken Wings thoroughly

Add soy source, cooking wine and sugar.

Marinate them over 1 hour.

The purpose of the marinade is to impregnate foods with the flavor of the ingredients.

(Image Credits:

less oil into the mould, add green onion, garlic, and ginger.

(Image Credits:

Wings brushed with honey, put them down the rice cooker.

Cover with the marinade.

Cover the pot and push “cook” button.

(Image Credits:

After about 30 minutes, you can have your delicious chicken wings.

Using a rice cooker to prepare this dish can be a real labor saver and will allow you to prepare hot and healthy meals  for your family.


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