Hospital Food

Blank, tasteless, unsavory… people always use these words to describe the meal in hospital. I admit that hospital food doesn’t have a very good reputation, but some of this looks very delicious. 
Here is some tasty hospital food from different countries. 

Greece. Meat, veggies, salad, desert and more. Looks great.

USA. Meat, mashed potatoes, apple sauce, milk, coke, dessert.

Spain. Fish, rice, baguette, dessert.

England. Sandwich, hard boiled eggs, tea, fruit, soup.

Japan. Soup, oranges, bread.

The Netherlands. Chicken, soup (gravy?), mashed potatoes, vegetable.

USA. Chicken, fries, green beans, cookies, a roll, coffee.

Australia. Weet-Bix, banana, rice, roll, fruit.

Hushan, China. Rice, and egg, meatballs, veggies, soup.

Japan. Veggies, soup, rice, tea.

USA. For those on a strict diet. Meat, cheese, bread, veggies, butter.

Chicken, veggies, salad, chocolate cake. I want this one.

Japan Fruit, fish, rice, veggies.

Japan Veggies, meat, rice, salad.

Japan Fish, rice, veggies, tea.

USA. Bread, jam, yogurt, apple juice, broccoli, mashed potatoes, chicken.

USA. Veggies, mashed potatoes, fruit cocktail, yogurt, apple juice, soup, bread, butter.

France. Meat, squash, salad, baguette, desert. Yum.

Germany. Bread, cheese, jelly, potatoes?, meat?.

USA Soup, crackers, veggies, meat, potatoes.

USA. Soup, beef, carrots, potatoes, milk, muffin, bread.

A nurse with a prepared tray of food.

Argentina. I’m not entirely sure, but it looks delicious. Those look like eggs wrapped in sausage, marinara type sauce, perhaps.

USA. Chicken, potatoes, roll, carrots, apple sauce, soup, mashed potatoes, coffee.

Japan Spinach, rice, chicken, oranges, soup.

This, isn’t the USA, I’m not sure where it is. Coffee, bread, noodles with gravy.

A rather attractive woman with some chicken, potatoes, veggies, roll, cake, water.

I don’t know where this is from. Fries, cake, lasagna perhaps. Looks good.

Japan. Fish, rice, veggies, tea, soup.

USA. Corn, peas, mashed potatoes, meat, an apple, salad.

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