Easy Rice Cooker Cake


(image source:nihonyuushi.blogspot.com)

Wanna make a cake for your friend’s party but no Oven at home? Don’t worry! This easy make recipe for rice cooker cake can solve all your problems, especially a big surprise for all the chocolate lovers. It’s so awesome to have a piece of chocolate cake after dinner with the one you love at home.


125 gr flous

2 eggs

1 spoon sugar

50 ml oil

100 ml milk

1 spoon baking power

Chocolate Power

Mix the flour, eggs, sugar, oil, milk, and baking powder together until the batter is smooth. For the chocolate-cake you can now add the chocolateĀ  powder and mix with the batter.


Put the batter in your rice cooker, and turn on for about 30 minutes. After the rice cooker has finishes, wait until the pad has cooled down.


Then you can turn over the pan with a little shake, then the cake will come over perfectly.


Add top (cream, chocolate sauce, or fruits) on it!



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