Food Rings

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The rings which looks yummy and cute are made by Sofia in SouZouCreations who is a Canadian living in Japan

The food which Sofia designed is exquisite and expresses Japanese food precisely. Some of them are famous Japanese food, others are not. You will learn much about Japanese food just by looking at these rings.

There is a cute chocolate bar base with cat cupcake!

The ring is on a silver tone adjustable band that will fit most ring sizes. It measures about 1.5 cm wide. it fits for most people.

These food rings are made with attention to detail, creativity and long lasting dependability.

The rings are constructed with many types of plastic, glass, metal, ceramic and much more. They are not expensive pieces but are meant to be fun and beautiful. We all know that’s so creative.

The designer Sofia with her SouZouCreations’ products which are created to be worn on special occasions – fun times or to add a little bling to any outfit.


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