Teo Zirinis

Teo Zirinis is an illustrator from Athen, Greece with an amazing talent. Clearly into vintage drawing style, he creates Great design to go both on Tshirt & Posters. Playing on both quality lines & humor, his prints are probably something you would want to check out if you’re a whitezine fan. Continue reading


Let’s Eat GANGNAM Style!

The global success of Korea pop singer Psy’s “Gangnam Style” video has been viewed more than 630 million people on YouTube since it was released 5 months ago. Now, if you are not familiar with horse-riding-style dance, probably you don’t belong to this world.

Almost overnight, this chubby 34-year-old singer, whose real name is Park Jae-Sang, became South Korea’s best-know cultural export, and a national hero at his hometown.

I hears this song the first time about 3 months ago, i remembered i also show this piece in my class. The video is obviously funny and the rhythm of the songs is very catch.


Today we have  a good news for PSY fans, we give introduce top 5 Gangnam Style Food for you guys.

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Food Nests

In these years, more and more people realized we shoule protect the natrual. So the designer Diane Leclair Bisson is trying to design the ultimate disposable plate: one that you can eat. Her edible “food nests” are prototypes of edible tableware, made for an exhibition in Milan from tomatoes that have been processed in different ways. The main application, as she sees it, is in fine dining and fancy catering situations, but she’s hoping to develop some that could be used in large school settings (or even for fast food).

Here’s a video that explains the food nest project. It’s dense with generic designer-y terms about “imagining new aesthetics” and so on, but worth a gander:

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Art you can eat

Today I want to show you the new way of enjoying nourishment.

This way differs from the traditional one when we eat the delicious dishes and it deals with enjoying the original food photography created by a Japanese and Frenchman Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle. These talented and creative photographers have decided to create their masterpieces that include food landscapes and little characters that are doing their daily affairs there.

While browsing this food photography you learn to accept the usual things from the new perspective. This photo-art project has gained its popularity in no time, and now you are welcome to enjoy it in this post. Continue reading

Fashion Food

Everyone absolutely adore these amazing items! what the Beautiful and yummy items made from edible elements by award winning photographer Fulvio Bonavia for his latest book “A Matter of Taste”. I would not mind owning these if they ever come into production! Clever and effective use of food(and flowers from his other book Scent of Flower) to execute one of a kind fashion items. These guys mix the food and fashion arts in a perfect way which we never though about it. Simple, beautiful and delicious. Continue reading