Strange Christmas meal around the world

Christmas is Odd Chef’s favorite time of year. And I’ll admit it, I’m one of those annoying people who start humming Christmas songs as soon as Halloween is over. People love Christmas for many reasons – the spirit of giving, the lights, the magic and wonder, the prettily-wrapped presents, and of course, the food!

Christmas food is a real treat. We all have our own special recipes for Christmas dinner that we only make that one time of year. Here are some strange Christmas meals we found around the world.

Japan - KFC for Christmas dinner   In many Japanese homes a KFC bucket with fried chicken is the main dish at Christmas. Thanks to a lack of turkeys and smart marketing by KFC the fried chicken  is so popular you have to order weeks in advance for the holidays. Ozchin/Flickr Photo: Ozchin (flickr) / SF

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World’s Top 15 Most Expensive Foods

If you are tight with you money because of the rapid rise in prices for oil and petrol, perhaps this top 15 list is not for you. These food lead the life many of us want and they do what we only dream of us. We always wonder: who will eat it? Celebrities?Upperclass people? CEO? Would you like to pay almost 2000 USD for five pieces of sushi? Continue reading