Food Rings

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The rings which looks yummy and cute are made by Sofia in SouZouCreations who is a Canadian living in Japan Continue reading


Pasta in a rice cooker!

Everyone should own a rice cooker. Especially people who don’t like to or don’t have much time to cook. The name “rice cooker” is very deceiving, as it gives the perception that its sole purpose is to cook rice. But rice is just the beginning of the things that a rice cooker can do, rice cookers can be used for steaming vegetables,cooking quinoa or couscous, making rice cooker macaroni and cheese, and even making omelettes or cakes!
This mac and cheese turned out well and should be a kid-friendly dish. You could easily adapt this recipe with different pasta shapes and vegetables too. Feel free to sprinkle a little extra cheese on top when serving. If you have a rice cooker, you need to try this recipe because its easy and delicious. Enjoy!

World’s Top 15 Most Expensive Foods

If you are tight with you money because of the rapid rise in prices for oil and petrol, perhaps this top 15 list is not for you. These food lead the life many of us want and they do what we only dream of us. We always wonder: who will eat it? Celebrities?Upperclass people? CEO? Would you like to pay almost 2000 USD for five pieces of sushi? Continue reading

Food Nests

In these years, more and more people realized we shoule protect the natrual. So the designer Diane Leclair Bisson is trying to design the ultimate disposable plate: one that you can eat. Her edible “food nests” are prototypes of edible tableware, made for an exhibition in Milan from tomatoes that have been processed in different ways. The main application, as she sees it, is in fine dining and fancy catering situations, but she’s hoping to develop some that could be used in large school settings (or even for fast food).

Here’s a video that explains the food nest project. It’s dense with generic designer-y terms about “imagining new aesthetics” and so on, but worth a gander:

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